8 Reasons Why You Can't Shed The Weight

8 Reasons Why You Can't Shed The Weight

Struggling with shedding the excess weight that you have gained recently? Follow these tips to achieve your weight loss goals and the figure you have always wanted.

Losing weight can be a challenge at times. You might feel you are not seeing much difference when it comes to your weight goals despite the healthy eating and exercise you have been doing. Sounds familiar? Read on to find out what you might be doing wrong that is delaying your progress…

Nutrient Deficiency

Balanced Meal

Did you know that lacking a nutrient in your diet could actually cause weight gain? Consume a well-balanced diet that includes all nutrients such as carbohydrates (from grains, bread), protein (from eggs, meat), fat (from fish, walnuts), vitamins (from fruits, supplements) and plenty of water. Speak with your doctor or a dietitian about trying a supplement if you think you aren’t getting enough nutrients.

Empty Calories

empty calories

Empty calories come from foods that provide no nutritional benefit. So put down the donut and grab your favorite fruit instead. You need something low in calories and full of healthy nutrients to lose weight.

Skipping Meals

A lot of people try to skip meals in order to lose weight. Skipping meals is only going to make you gain weight because your body is storing up the fat whenever you do eat just in case you skip again. Focus on eating a well-balanced meal that includes all nutrients to help you lose weight.

Crash Dieting

Losing weight does not require crash dieting. Crash dieting usually consists of diet pills, fad diets, eating very little or nothing at all. You will not keep the weight off this way! Try to eat healthy and lose weight at the right speed so you can keep the weight off.

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Convenience Food

Convenience Food

Driving through a fast food joint, heating up a microwaveable meal and ordering take-out have become so popular. These meals are usually unhealthy and you are bound to gain weight. Try planning out your weekly meals on Sunday. You will be surprised how this will help you shed the weight!

Not Exercising


In order to lose weight and keep it off, try a combination of both exercise and healthy eating. Find something that you love. If you dread your current workout routine, consider changing it, otherwise you will always find excuses to skip out on exercise.

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Fluid Overload

Do you often feel bloated? You are probably carrying excess fluid. Try a good teatox like SkinnyMint that will help detoxify your system and get rid of the excess fluid that is causing the bloat.

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Night Owl

Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can be a cause of weight gain! Create a routine each night before bed like having your significant other massage your back, listen to soothing music, drink a relaxing tea like Night Cleanse, do yoga, or read a book. The routine will train your mind to prepare for bed so you can fall asleep quickly.

Now that you know what could be causing your weight gain, you can make lifestyle changes to promote a healthy weight loss. You will feel refreshed and better about yourself once you make this step to live a healthier lifestyle!

*Every body type is different, so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.