Tropic Tone Up next to a woman with a flat stomach after bloating has been reduced.

Feeling Bloated? Here Are 7 Foods That Reduce Bloating 

Everybody enjoys sitting in front of the television and stuffing themselves with comfy snacks, but nobody enjoys feeling bloated. We feel you — life is unfair. You might be aware of foods that cause bloating, but do you know of foods that reduce bloating? That's right, you can eat your bloat away!

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1. Yogurt

Two bowls full of Greek yogurt and fresh fruit to reduce bloating.

There's a reason why yogurt is always on every healthy food blogger's list! One of the best probiotics, yogurt is packed with good bacteria that promote a healthy gut (and you need to keep those good bacteria happy all the time if you don't want bloating).

Essentially, a healthy gut means less bloating. So if you're feeling gassy, go for some plain yogurt or Greek yogurt. Avoid flavored yogurts, though, as the sugar in them can actually make your bloating worse. Instead, you can add fresh fruits to your yogurt for a yummy but soothing remedial snack. 

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2. Banana

A bowl full of banana slices alongside two whole bananas.

Go bananas over banana! This dependable and yummy fruit is one of the best foods to reduce bloating. Bananas are rich in potassium and help regulate sodium levels in your body, which can alleviate bloating. They are a good source of fiber as well, which helps with digestion and bowel movement. Plus, they combat water retention by reducing the sodium levels in your body.

Bananas are gentle on your stomach, so if you're feeling nauseous, gassy, constipated, or have an upset stomach, reach for a banana.

3. Ginger

Ginger roots and a bowl of ginger powder.

All hail the mighty ginger. This flavorful root is a powerhouse when it comes to reducing bloating. It aids in digestion and prevents gas and indigestion by promoting the production of saliva and stomach acids. It also relaxes the intestinal muscles, which helps with bowel movement and prevents constipation (one of the main causes of bloating).

Grate some ginger into your tea or smoothie, or have some ginger candy (watch out for any refined sugar, though) before a meal. You can also use it as a seasoning in your food. Or, you can try our Night Cleanse blend which contains ginger root and is thus fantastic at reducing bloating.

4. Avocado

A sliced avocado on a chopping board.

Did somebody say avocado? We understand why the avocado hype doesn't die down. This delicious fruit is high in fiber and potassium — two things that are known to reduce bloating. Avocadoes also contain healthy fats that help your body absorb nutrients better and promote a healthy gut. Plus, they are great for those who are on a keto diet.

5. Lemon

Glasses of water with lemon slices, a whole lemon on the side.

When life gives your lemons, use them to reduce bloating! Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and promote the production of digestive juices. They also help with bowel movement and prevent indigestion (which is one of the main causes of bloating). Plus, they are natural diuretics that combat water retention.

Add some lemon juice or slices to your water, tea, or salad. You can also mix equal parts of lemon juice, water, and honey to make a drink that will help reduce bloating (this is a great drink to start the day with!). Feel free to add lemon to your SkinnyMint blends as well, and for a quick Vitamin C pick-me-up try the Detox Cherry Bomb.

6. Cucumber

Cucumber slices.

Cue the cucumbers! Cucumbers are a great way to reduce bloating as they are high in water content and also promote the production of digestive juices. They also contain essential nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B, which are great for gut health. Further, cucumbers contain quercetin, which is an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe your bloated and agitated gut.

So, add some cucumber slices to your water or salad — or just much on them, just like that, to reduce bloating for good.

7. Papaya

Two slices of a cut papaya on a table full of tropical fruits.

Who doesn't love tropical fruits? Papaya is one of the best foods to reduce bloating as it contains a natural enzyme called papain that aids in digestion. It also contains choline, which helps with fat metabolism.

Plus, papaya is rich in water content and fiber (and you already know how good these two are when it comes to getting rid of gassiness). Additionally, this yummy fruit has anti-inflammatory properties! If you love papaya, you'll love our Tropic Tone Up blend which contains papaya, mango, passionfruit, and pineapple.

If you tend to feel bloated in the middle of the day (it happens to the best of us, don't worry), then try our Morning Boost (which makes a good substitute for coffee) or Detox Cherry Bomb (which supports your metabolism and contains the power of superfruits). Our blends are also great for period-induced bloating — so when it's that time of the month, simply sip on some SkinnyMint teas to soothe your tummy.

Remember, it's important to stay away from salty, carbonated, and processed foods as much as possible (the occasional indulgence is okay) if you want to avoid bloating in the future. Keep getting cravings for unhealthy snacks? Here's how you can bust that snack belly ASAP.