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Detox Bundle

Best value for maximum results. Reduces bloat, boost energy and curbs cravings and drives fat loss.
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What our customers are saying...

Got my SkinnyMint such a great natural detox tea program for this summer. I need to get healthy again! 💞 Who's joining me?
Exercise and diet is so important, but so are supplements! Every morning before breakfast I eat my SkinnyMint Gummies. They help accelerate fat loss and help me feel like I am getting everything out of my workout. Not to mention, they are really yummy.
Starting my summer bod half way through summer, SkinnyMint SuperFatBurning gummies really helps me get that summer bod! They have ingredients that help to burn fat and curb appetite.
Feeling more toned than ever with SkinnyMint ’s teatox and fat burning gummies! Combining them together helps to maximize my results! They help me get my results so much faster too
I’m getting wedding ready and am SO into Teatoxes. If you haven’t done one, you need to check out SkinnyMint. I can’t tell you how good I feel just after 1 week. I have done their teatox before and I feel so much lighter and leaner. It’s life changing and there’s a reason I keep going back to it!
I’ve been using SkinnyMint over the past years now and it’s still my favorite product when you want to start living a healthier life. The morning boost helps boost your energy so you feel good during the day and then there’s my all time favorite pineapple gummies, they’re the best!