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Got my SkinnyMint such a great natural detox tea program for this summer. I need to get healthy again! 💞 Who's joining me?
I decided to make a lifestyle change a few months ago. Decided to stop making excuses and start taking care of my life. I have never felt better in my life! Thanks to SkinnyMint for the delicious teatox, I am feeling fantastic. It aids in weight loss , takes away bloating and gives me energy.
Picture on the left was when I started my journey in July, I was 176 pounds. Picture on the right is me now, 147 pounds. SkinnyMint teatox helped me lose my first 15 pounds which encouraged me to lose the rest of my weight afterwards. I am extremely happy with the results.
Loving my results! I lost 12 pounds without cutting out too many of my favorite foods. Hooked on drinking tea rather than coffee now. Thank you SkinnyMint!
I love teatoxing when I’m feeling bloated and gross! I tried SkinnyMint teatox and loved the results.
SkinnyMint is part of my life now. I have lost 18kg so far with the help of the teatox. I did workout as well as chosen not to eat unhealthy food. So here is my before and after and I really thank SkinnyMint for creating this wonderful tea.
I never thought something as simple as adding tea to my diet would work as quickly and effectively as this did. My results were amazing! I lost 10lbs, the bloat around my middle was gone and my cravings curbed. I went from a 35 inch waist to 31. The tea was so tasty too!
Since I came to US, I gained 11kg. Since moving, I have no time and patience to cook a healthy meal. I tried SkinnyMint and lost 6kg in 28 days and I am not on a diet, I am only eating healthier. I feel much better with myself and finally after 1 year I am fitting into my jeans again.
In combination with SkinnyMint’s teatox and gummies, I feel gloriously amazing and energized. This is the first time in my life that my stomach has ever been completely flat, toned and no muffin top.
Down 6lbs and 7.5 inches after the 28 day teatox and gummies! Great taste, great results!
My SkinnyMint results!! This stuff is magical! Thank you for helping me get rid of my 5lbs of Christmas! Highly recommend SkinnyMint.
I love my gummies from SkinnyMint! I lost 15lbs in my first month! It’s perfect for me!!
I was really skeptical to try SkinnyMint but I had to see for myself, so 28 days later and these are my results! Guys it really works! I’m super stoked about it! I got busy this month and didn’t get to work out but still got the results!
I’m pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come getting back on track the past month. SkinnyMint boot camp and a healthy diet. Down 15lbs and feeling incredible.
I just finished my 28day skinnymint teatox and I’m loving my results! I lost 7 pounds and feel so much less bloated and all around healthier. Pretty amazing results in just 28 days! I’m looking forward to my next month’s teatox.
It works!!! I’m not even done with my 28days kit and I have lost 8 lbs and few inches off my waist
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It tastes amazing and helped reduce feeling of bloat.

Feeling flatter and more confident

This tea has made my tummy feel so much flatter then usual & I don’t feel as hungry as what I usually did. Definitely recommend to everyone :)


Very good product



I got this deal :)

An awesome offer, thank you. I am loving the Elixir to clear me out and get those green superfoods i need. Can't wait to get it


Didn’t really feel any different nor did I see any results. Was definitely expecting much better results.

Cleansing Elixir!!!

I have been using the cleansing elixir for 2 days! I LOVE this product sooooooo much!!! I have been using SkinnyMint since they came out and this is the perfect compliment to the tea and gummies!!!

28 Day Fat Burning Hot Chocolate


The only inconvinient was the time. It was to much

Craving Controller!

Keeps my cravings at bay! I still have yet to consume the remaining packets because im using this in conjunction with the tea tox set but nonetheless it’s super effective as I have already lost almost 2kg!

Felt in love with skinnymint 😍

Ive been using tea and gummies bundle for a month now and i must say its pretty effective ! Since i had a baby a year ago i was getting depressed with my body and ashamed!.. i used to be pretty thin and i know ill never get the body i had before having my daughter but i must say using this bundle.. while working out and eat properly... i definetly see a difference !! Im able to wear crop top again haha i was sceptical at first.. i tried thin tea before and i was disapointed at every point.. its great to buy a product which works and doesnt taste like garbage !! :p i will definetly re order and i was that satisfied that i might be down to try all the products :)!

Taste amazing

So far i have notice less bloating and the tea taste amazing :)


I love the tea the gummies it’s an awesome product that works 100%

Amazing product

It really works. But the side effects where a little to intense for me. Still not sure what went wrong.

So very pleased !

The gummies are So delicious that I wish I could eat more of them ! Both of the tea is so good with a little bit of honey ! Overall I am so impressed with the flavours and the fact that it actually works ! Highly recommend following the low calorie and workout part of it ! You will see a huge difference !


Just started using my gummies and they taste great, looking forward to seeing how they work!

Doesn't taste like pineapple

I like the product but why does it say pineapple flavor when its doesn't taste or even smell like pineapple ?

Coffee and tea

You must follow instructions you need to eat healthy and exercise with this product.. I am waiting on my 2nd batch to come in.. I love how their detox tea makes me feel after when I feel all shitty... coffee does taste a little watery but it’s still good. I’m excited to continue my skinny mint journey I’ve never lost so much weight until I tried skinny mint..I’m this photo I’ve lost 17 lbs total since I’ve been on skinny mint


Love your tea but still waiting on the return of double boost morning as I now many of your long time customers are.

Good products, I love it!

I loved the fat burning coffee, but the only problem for me was the very very long shipping time! I’vE almost finish mine and if I order today will arrive in a month!

It gives me the best push to start my day

I love how Elixir is a super convenient and fuss free drink I can easily make before rushing out of the door. Even though I have only drank it for a few weeks, my hunger between meals is gone! The flavour was also a great way to curb my sweet cravings too


They are amazing


It's really more bloated tummy.

Detox tea

I loved the tea and helped with my weight loss and I had ways more energy run before.

Would buy it again!

I’m not a huge believer about weight loss products but I’ve got to say this teas are awesome! From the first day I felt the difference. It is very easy to get the habit of drinking them. I did feel less bloated and I can feel it’s actually doing it’s job with the detox. I would buy them again or buy them for a friend.