• Attractive commission structure of up to 15%

  • Be the first to get exclusive access on new products, promotions and VIP campaigns

  • 30-day cookie window period

  • Real-time performance and tracking

  • Access to branded creatives

  • Commission payout is in your preferred currency

How to Join


    Fill out our super-simple application so we know more about you


    Upload content about your SkinnyMint Experience with your friends, fam + social followers

  • STEP 3: EARN

    Receive FREE cash incentives every month!

Ready? Let's Do It!


  • Why should I join the SkinnyMint Affiliate Program?

  • Because it’s FREE to join and gives you the opportunity to earn money from doing what you love most - talking about health and fitness! We provide you with all the links, banners, buttons and
    pictures that you’ll need. We take care of everything else: fulfilment, customer service and tracking the sales.
  • How is my commission calculated and paid to me?

  • Our affiliate provider automatically calculates your commissions and arranges payment to you on a monthly basis in your preferred currency. You can check the commissions you’ve earned anytime in your account.
  • What are the requirements to join?

  • To qualify for our affiliate program, your social platforms must meet the following criteria:
    - No offensive content (e.g. pornography, foul language, etc.)
    - No popup ads
    - No gambling or ads for gambling
    - No coupon/deals sites