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4 Diet Myths - CRACKED!

4 Diet Myths - CRACKED!

There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to dieting, but are they even true?! Diets are pretty straightforward, but can also be a whole rollercoaster ride if you believe all that’s out there! But fret not love, read on as we reveal the real truths and SkinnyMint secrets to your all-rounded weight loss diet!


1. Skip Meals To Cut Calories

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Cutting down on your calorie intake is often the first thing you’ll read about when it comes to diets, there’s no surprise there! But cutting down doesn’t mean skipping meals or starving yourself - consuming too little calories may be counterproductive and even slow down your body’s metabolism! 

Having regular, well-balanced meals is extremely important when it comes to diets, as skipping meals only makes you feel hungrier and increases your chances of overeating at your next meal. This means it’s all about portion control and getting your greens in, something our Nutri Boost shake knows all about - she’s got all your minerals and vitamins you need in a meal, at only 240 calories! Just shake it up and have it in place of your regular meals!


2. You Snack, You Gain

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Snacking is always seen as a huge no-no when it comes to losing weight, due to the extra calories that comes with it, especially when it comes to processed foods. But what if we tell you that you can actually have your literal cake (or gummies), AND eat it?! The key to losing weight is not so much about cutting out snacks altogether, but more of knowing which are the right ones for your goals.

It’s totally ok to have some low-cal snacks during the day to curb your cravings, don’t restrict yourself! However, try opting for a sugar-free low-cal option to stay on track - we know some pretty yummy 2-Step Super Fat Burning Gummies, that would totally do the trick and even satisfy those sweet cravings. Simply pop 2 Power Up Gummies for a guilt-free morning pick-me-up for a quick energy boost, and 2 Hunger Buster Gummies in the afternoon as a teatime snack!


3. Short Workouts Aren't Effective

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We know those intense 30-minute high intensity workouts are not for everyone, trust me it’s not for us too. However, that’s not the only way of getting more active to burn that extra blubber, despite what you’ve been reading! 

Squeeze in some time for a quick morning stroll instead of taking the bus, or even take the stairs instead - these routine switches may be small, but they’re pretty effective in terms of developing healthy long-term habits to work towards your weight loss goals! If you’re looking for a quick little workout just to spice things up a little, our resident SkinnyMint babe, Britt Churchill’s got an easy 3-minute stay-home workout for you!


4. Fruit Juice Over Sweetened Drinks

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Cutting out sugar definitely plays a huge role in your weight loss journey, and many often start with avoiding canned drinks and other sweetened beverages. Don’t get us wrong, we totally encourage you to do so too! However, many often replace these drinks with fruit juice thinking they’re a healthier sugar-free alternative, when in actual fact, fruit juice can be loaded with even more sugar than canned drinks. For example, 12oz of unsweetened apple juice contains 36g of sugar, which is even more than 12oz of cola!

If you’re craving for a sweet drink during the day, always remember to choose those with low or no sugar content, to stick to your diet goals. Our Fat Burning Hot Chocolate is definitely our fave low-cal alternative, that’s also free of artificial sweeteners, to have between meals - you can even have it hot or cold, just let it cool before dropping in some ice cubes. 


The Main Takeaway

Main Takeaway

Don’t let all of these weight loss rules scare you, some of them might not even be true! Always remember to do your own research before starting a new routine, and not to get lost within the countless weight loss articles there are out there. There’s no set rule to weight loss, everyone’s body is different so take your time to explore various routines, you never know what would work best for you!